2020 RC Softball Update/League Changes

2020 RC Softball Update/League Changes


  • League will start the week of April 27 playing 22 games then a single elimination league tourney at the end of the year.
  • Team fee of $500 per team and $65 player fee. Minimum 10 players per team. Team Fee due March 15th. Player Fees due April 15th.
  • Players can play on up to two teams not including coed. Players can play up one division or down one division from there primary team. There will be an online player database showing everyone’s “primary” and “secondary” teams they select. They must play state with their primary team. Example player “John” can play with his primary team on Thursday C league and play on a secondary team playing Wednesday D league. There will be a max of 2 secondary players who can move down and play on that team.
  • We will run a coed league during the season every other Monday night and we will also offer a coed league at the end of the season as we did in years past.

League Night Options

  • Monday – Coed 
    • Runs 8 weeks May 4th-June 29th, 2020 (skipping Memorial Day)
    • Coed Fall will be August 17-September 14, 2020 (twice a week Monday and Wednesdays, $350/team + $45/player)
  • Tuesday Leagues Options – Men’s C & D – Women’s B/C, D
  • Wednesday – Men’s B, C, D – Women’s D
  • Thursday – Men’s C, D – Women’s D, E (Women’s E New this year)
  • Friday – Men’s C1, C2, D

Home Run Rules

  • B – 6 then out
  • C – 2 then out
  • D – 1 then out

RC Tourney Schedule

  • Snowball – March 28
  • Coke/Quality Brands RC Season Opener – May 9-10
  • Sudlow RC & Spearfish – May 23-24
  • Breast Cancer – June 6-7?? Confirming
  • Rapid Skillz 8 Gamer – June 13-14
  • RC Allnighter – June 19-20
  • King of Hills – July – 11-12
  • Rec 1 & 2 State – August 1-2

Notable Tourney’s

  • Sioux Falls Springs Classic – June 6-7
  • Mcquades Bismarck – June 26-28
  • 35 & Over Pierre – July 11
  • Women’s State 2,4,5 Pierre – July 18-19
  • Women’s State 1,3,4,5 Watertown – July 25-26
  • Women’s State Open Sioux Falls – August 15-16
  • Men’s E State Pierre – August 8-9
  • Men’s D & Open Sioux Falls – August 14-16
  • Coed West Spearfish – August 29-30
  • Coed East Huron – September 12-13


RC Board

  • President – Kyle Beaird
  • Vice President – Keith Morell
  • 2nd Vice – Fred Koenen


  1. Fred Koenen - Reply

    Hey ballplayers…we have 4 vacant fields on Monday nights that are available…Would there be enough interest to run a 35 and over league for a short spring season?
    Same discounted team and players fees as coed.
    The softball complex is open but only being used for half the fields. We as a softball association (all you players) could use the revenue from this night to further our
    softball goals for better conditions for all of us. (we can use your help)
    Any interest in 35 & older, or other leagues or ideas out there? (Someone suggested a cornhole league)
    Please let us know.
    Freddie K. – RCSA
    (Remember…it’s your softball complex)

  2. Jason Bestgen - Reply

    Fred, I would be interested if I was home. It would be fun to dona draft style 35 and older league. Just pay your fee and see who you play with.

  3. Chad - Reply

    I am struggling to find out where to pay the $500 team fee? Have been to the field office, called many times, and nothing is posted anywhere that I can find as to where to give the check??

  4. Jeremy Ladson - Reply

    Is there somewhere we can drop off the $500 registration? Obviously, mail doesn’t go out on Sunday and deadline is the 15th. Can we drop it off somewhere? Or can it be postmarked in the 16th??

  5. Kyle Beaird - Reply

    Chad and Jeremy I am guessing you both were the ones who texted me but just send it to the PO BOX 4112 RC SD 57709-4112 and you will be covered. Text me at 605-391-6179 if you need more assistance.



  6. Angi Jung - Reply

    We are looking for a few more ladies to play women’s league Tuesday nights. Let me know if your interested!

    • Tlana Waters - Reply

      I just found out that we can be picked up on a team considering my team couldn’t make it this year. I’m totally available if you’re still needing ladies.

  7. Jeffrey Smith - Reply

    Are we able to pay the league fee with a credit card

    Also looking for registration form…..for signatures

  8. April - Reply

    My husband is interested in joining a team. It’s probably too late for this year but could I have information for next year?

  9. Chrissy - Reply

    Is there new rules with the COVID of family members coming to watch a game on league nights ?

  10. Greg Heier - Reply

    Just moved to Rapid. Is there a 35+ league?? Looking to play ball. Bat/throw left. Play all outfield positions, 1B, 2B and pitch.

  11. Scott - Reply

    Just looking to join a mid level/lower level co-ed or mens league team. Please hit me up if you are in need. Mainly an outfielder, but willing to play where needed!

  12. Cassie Woods - Reply

    I am looking to join a team this fall. I am looking for some newer player infield experience.

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